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Just like chrome cast, but NO WiFi Needed. Will cast to any android device
easily launch your VR Apps directly from this handy and easy to use menu.
Space shooter virtual reality Google Cardboard game
Unlocks pro features and removes ads from compatible apps
View your photo sphere images in Virtual Reality using your VR Headset
Access all of your Virtual Reality Apps Using Your Google Cardboard Viewer
Toggles Car Mode or Can launch any app when you device is put in to car mode
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A simple and easy sci-fi space shooter game designed to be challenging enough to be fun but yet easy enough to enjoy a quick game.

Defend Earth from being attacked by drone war ships coming from all over the galaxy eager to wipe out the human race.

-Use multiple weapons to defend your home planet
-Works with gamepads, headsets with music controls and the trigger on your cardboard compatible device to control the game.
-All 3D graphics offer a great experience.
-full 3D spacial sounds
-Gauges offer you the ability to monitor your weapon inventory while keeping your attention on the game.

The further you advance in the game the harder it gets to keep the alien spaceships from reaching their goal.... So stay asked, keep your planet safe.... GOOD LUCK AND GODSPEED

Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or Sony Play station have not seen this coming but it is here on Android NOW for beta testers...

Easily launch your Cardboard and Virtual Reality apps directly from this simple launcher simply and easily with out removing your phone from your viewer.

Look around and when the alien bug is in front of the selected app, the app name will be announced and the globe will get closer to you.

-Globe stops turning after a short gaze
-It will launch the app after a long gaze,
-Easily switch wallpapers simply by finding then staring at the wallpaper globe.

-Return to VR 3D Launcher from any app simply by nodding your head (NEW FEATURE 02-16-014)

It's really that simple... Enjoy

Designed using Android Studio, Cardboard SDK and Rajawali VR 3D Engine.

Your device must have an accelerometer, gyroscope and support openGL ES 2.0
These requirements ensure the best performance.
The app will not start if it can not detect openGL ES 2.0 or greater

My Trek allows you to share your road trip and driving experiences with others along with helping to create a safe and enjoyable driving experience.

With My Trek, you can log your the mileage and time spent driving. After logging you can choose to replay the trip, store it in the cloud (on ThunderStick Software's own servers) and Share with others on Face Book, Google Plus, Twitter, Email or Text Messages.

My Trek has many features to make your driving experience safer, easier and most of all fun.

-Trip Logging using the Location Features on your device
-Takes a snap shot of the map at the start of each trip
-Review your trip history
-Trip Replays
-Trip Sharing
(share your trip on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Email, Text and other Social Networks)
-Your trip statistics
-Floating Control Bar for quick shortcuts to your most used Driving Apps
(Google Maps, Waze, Phone, Text Message App, Text Message Shortcuts)
-Quick text messages
-Quick Phone Dialer
-Live location trip statistics
-Special Features for drivers of Ride Sharing companies such as Lyft, Uber or Side Car
(While driving for Ride Share service My Trek will tag your trips according to the service your currently driving for)

Please watch the video below for a quick idea of how it works.

A website to help you find highly modified version of the Android Operating system for your mobile device.
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